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“If you want to be surrounded by a “family” of dentists and their teams who will help you and your team get the most out of dentistry and improve the quality of your lives and the lives you touch, then join the Crown Council. I have personally gained more from the Crown Council than any other organization in dentistry. It has definitely been an EXTREME experience.”

Dr. Bill Dorfman, Los Angeles, CA


“We are so fortunate to have the Crown Council in our professional and personal lives. The generous spirit of comradery mixed with philanthropic vision and action inspires us to continue our quest for growth. We are intrigued and motivated by the Crown Council. We learn new ways to “frame” things and adapt to the ever present change in our profession. We appreciate associating with our dental teams who are committed to similar values that we share and who can celebrate successes on many levels. There is not a spirit of envy, jealousy or competition at the Annual Events. There is rather a unique and uplifting energy that revitalizes us each time we attend. So often in our circles of acquaintances we feel we have to minimize our successes and it is so refreshing to experience applause and authentic recognition for accomplishments.”

Dr. Jim Libby, Anchorage, AK


I never feel isolated in my practice. I get ‘gems’ every week just by taking a few moments and participating in the Crown Council network. I find gems on everything from practice management, new treatment modalities and equipment challenges to personal motivational and health topics.”

Dr. Mary V. DeCicco, Skillman, NJ


“The biggest benefit I get from my Crown Council membership is the opportunity to hang out with the best dentists in the world at least once a year at the annual event and everyday on the Crown Council network. I get to stay connected to hundreds of dentists through the network each day. This is a tremendous resource for both clinical as well as the administrative issues I face in my practice.”

Dr. Charlie Barrett, Louisville, KY


“The Crown Council has benefitted me in numerous ways. I have been a member since the beginning and haven’t looked back. Having access to hundreds of colleagues has a profound impact in making decisions that effect my practice and life. The Mentor of the Month series has been very influential in all aspects of my life. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their life and become a better dentist and personal.”

Dr. Robert Antolak, Warren, MI


“The Crown Council Annual Event experience is priceless! It provides me with three incredibly important experiences each year:

1. Incredible learning possibilities
2. A positive and energizing environment and
3. Shared time with my wife.

The Crown Council Annual Event is a “must” for anyone in dentistry.”

Dr. Ronald F. Arndt, North Ridgeville, OH


“For the past several years, Dr. Bill Dorfman has encouraged me to attend the Annual Event of the Crown Council saying it was one of dentistry’s finest moments. It was not until I finally attended the Event in Salt Lake City that I could fully understand his excitement and enthusiasm—I now get it!!! This Event not only made me a better dentist—it made me a better person, and I had a great time in the process. My attendance to the Crown Council Annual Event will be automatic from now on.”

Dr. Dennis Wells, Brentwood, TN


“The power of the Mastermind along with the power of the family is incredible. When you combine both, you can change the World. The Crown Council is one of the most powerful and focused mastermind families in the world. Come and reunite with your family and feel the power of a focused, concerned and fun group. It’s a decision you and your team will never regret and never forget. Come drink from the source and feel the magic, you will find it’s an event like no other. Last year was incredible with a guy named Garth Brooks…”

Dr. Jeff Gray, La Mesa, CA


“For many years we have been committed to taking our entire dental team to continuing education. We have found the Crown Council ANNUAL EVENT does more for our practice bottom line, creates more enthusiasm and motivation for our team than any other meeting we attend. We will NEVER miss an Annual Event.”

Dr. Chris Hammond, Provo, UT


“Excellence has been the hallmark of the Crown Council Annual Event. The Quest for excellence never gets easier, but each Event seems to bring a new high in focusing on personal values, leadership, attitude and obtaining positive results. This EVENT belongs on the schedule of any TEAM that wants to be motivated and inspired.”

Dr. O. Wayne Mortenson, Louisville, KY


“Crown Council Events are always much more than a conference or a meeting or a seminar. An Event involves appreciation, elebration, and joy. An Event can be a landmark or a turning point or a new light. In this Event, not only do you always have the chance to grow with some serious help from your friends, you also get the chance to make a difference for someone you may never even meet.”

Dr. Jack Von Bulow, Temple City, CA