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Best Practices Training

EACH WEEK Crown Council practices receive dynamic, world-class training from many of the dental industry’s most prominent thought leaders. We deliver those links through our weekly newsletter.

Here Are Some Samples:

“Hire Great People” (with Jack Mitchell)
What can you do collectively and individually to develop and exhibit the 5 characteristics of a great patient oriented team. What can you do to be more positive, competent, confident, passionate and nice? Jack Mitchell presents We Are Great People with comments and team instruction by Steve Anderson. Then download the exercise to help your team be one which patients want to repeat and refer over and over and over again.

Crown Council practices love sharing the things they’re doing well, their struggles, and their triumphs. Each month we feature an outstanding Crown Council practice as our “Practice Of The Month” highlighting things that we can all learn from these successful practices to make our business thrive while better serving patients. “Copy Genius” is among our favorite mantras.

Social Media Fact and Fiction The do’s and don’ts of Social Media today and how to use it the RIGHT WAY to build your practice (with Jack Hadley from My Social Practice).

  • Is anyone really making any money for their practice using Face Book?
  • Social Media MUST Dos, Should Do’s, and Could Do’s. A priority list that will help you manage your Social Media marketing efforts.
  • Secrets of practices who have used Twitter effectively and the secrets of those who have failed!
  • How Smiles for Life is using Social Media to benefit your practice and what you need to do to get involved.
  • What Social Media is for and what is it NOT for.
  • The Dental DON’TS on Face Book.
  • Do I really need a QR Code? Are they effective?
  • Wait, watch and see! What’s on the horizon in Social Media that MIGHT be a good move in the future.

January 2012
Why Dentists Are Wimps! (with Robert Glover, Ph.D., Author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy”)
For years, we’ve talked about the dental epidemic we call “Approval Addiction” and its negative impact on the practice, patients and team members. With refreshing insight, Dr. Robert Glover provides background, causes and solutions to anyone who is determined to be a better leader at home and or at the office and improve his or her relationships in every area of life.